Fishing is the activity of catching fish.Fishing is an old and widespread activity with various techniques and traditions, but also the application of modern technological aids.
the total number of fishermen and fish farmers is estimated at 38 million.
According to the place of catch, fishing can be divided into: river fishing, sea fishing, lake fishing, and artificial fishing.
The page was created exclusively for the advertisement and sale of lures, so in the following text I will show you lures suitable for fishing in the Balkans and in the world for river fish.


 Silicone lures made to look and work like a wounded fish.  They are produced with or without silicone.  They can be found in single-color or multi-color versions.
 these cheats can be used as:
 Pike lures 
 Lures for perch
 Catfish cheats


Silicone lures on which the body is clearly distinguished from the characteristically large tail.  While shad lures produce a strong lower frequency vibration, fishing twisters are made to produce a softer higher frequency vibration.  Depending on the color and size, they have the same application as Shad lures and can be used as lures for pike, perch and catfish and in smaller versions of bass and bandera.

               metal cheats           

Metal rotary lures are most often used in pike and pike fishing, but sometimes other predators are also deceived and attack the specific vibration of these lures.

 They are made of metal

  in the following text you can see pictures of fish, and then war links where you can buy and order cheats very cheaply